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                                          Moonlit House                                                                                     Moonlit Snow Drawing


                                          Oak Tree Photo                                                                                       Oak Tree Drawing


                                          Contour Lines Photo                                                                                     Contour Lines Drawing


                                          Rhythm in Shapes Photo                                                                                     Rhythm in Shapes Drawing


                                          Sky Shapes Photo                                                                                                          Sky Shapes Drawing


                                          How to Begin Photo                                                                                                How to Begin Drawing


                                          Space and Dimension Photo                                                                                     Space and Dimension Drawing


                                          Shape-Shadows Photo                                                                                     Shape-Shadows Drawing


                                          Rock Arches Photo                                                                                     Rock Arches Drawing


                                          Birch Trees Photo                                                                                     Birch Trees Drawing


                                          Negative Space Photo                                                                                     Negative Space Drawing


                                Lake Pine Trees Photo                                                                      Island Photo                                                                Lake Pine Trees Drawing


                                          Shapes and Values Photo                                                                                     Shapes and Values Drawing


                                          Sky-Mountain-Rocks Photo                                                                                     Sky-Mountains-Rocks Drawing


                                          Stormy Sky Photo                                                                                     Stormy Sky Drawing


                                          Trees with Hake Brush                                                                                     Trees with Hake Drawing


                                          Arboretum Building Photo                                                                                     On Location Drawing


                     Split Rail Right Fence                                                      Split Rail Left Fence                                                                Split Rail Fence Drawing


                                          Treeline Photo                                                                                                          Treeline Drawing


                                          Wisteria Photo                                                                                                          Wisteria Drawing


                                          Spring Tree Photo                                                                                                          Spring Tree Drawing


                                Landscape Textures Photo                                                                                     Landscape Textures Drawing


                     Triadic Color Reference Photo                                                                                     Meadows at Dawn Drawing


                     Analogous Colors Photo Reference                                                                           Analogous Colors Drawing


                     Complementtary Colors Photo Reference                                                                Complementary Colors Drawing


                     Blue Ridge Purple Mountains                                                                                     Blue Ridge Mountains Drawing


                     Four Washes Photos                                                                                                Four Demo Washes


                     Sailboat Under Sail Photo                                                                                     Sailboat Under Sail Drawing


                     Nature Trail Photo                                                                                     Nature Trail Drawing


                     Tree Reflections Photo                                                                                     Tree Reflections Drawing

                     Dawn Sunlight Drawing


                Photo "Complex Subject" Grid Reference                                           Drawing "Complex Subject" Grid Reference


                     Fruits for Lunch Photo                                                                                     Fruits for Lunch Drawing


                     Rocky Coastline Photo                                                                                     Rocky Coastline Drawing


                     Maple Leaf Photo                                                                                     Maple Leaf Drawing


                     Pine Cone Photo                                                                                     Pine Cone Drawing


                     Winter Tree Photo                                                                                     Winter Tree Drawing


                     Autumn Texture Photo                                                                                     Autumn Texture Drawing


                     Tree Silhouette Photo                                                                                     Tree Silhouette Drawing


                     Analogous Colors Photo                                                                Analogous Colors Drawing

                     Complementary Colors Photo                                                                Complementary Colors Drawing


                     Parking Lot Trees                                                                                 Visual Journal Demo Painting                                                      Parking Lot Trees Drawing


                     HAKE Reference Photo                                                                                     HAKE Design Drawing


           Foreground Reference Photo                                                                Foreground Drawing


           Waterway Meadowlands Photo                                                                Waterway Meadows Sketch


           Sunrise and Mountains Photo                                                                Sunrise and Mountains Sketch


           Locks Park Rock Painting                                                                      Rocks Design Drawing


           Skyscape Composition from PhotoShop                                                      Skyscape Drawing Composition


                     Meadow Flowers Photo Reference                                           Meadow Flowers Design Drawing

                     Red Rose Photo                                                                                                          Red Rose Drawing

           Rocks Demo Drawing 7-28-2022

                     Crepe Myrtle for Color Pencil Painting                                                                                                                              

                     Woods & Cabin - Multiple Masking Sketch

           Two Colors - BurntSienna & UltramarineBlue Sketch                                                                                     "Best Friends'" Painting with Two Colors

           Trees and Roadway Texture Design Drawing                                                                                     Leo the Lion Drawing Reference

                     Mountain Sunrise Paint Along Sketch                                                                Sailing Ship Reference and Drawing

                Pansies sketch                                                                                     Pansies Painting (modified)

Landscape - Barn, Tree, & Fence                                                                Blue Irises
                     Roses                                                                                                                               Cardinal


                     Landscape - House                                                                                                          Lighthouse


                     Happy Easter Card                                                                                                          Easter Sunrise Sketch


Two Strawberries Photo Reference and Sketch                                                                                                Leaves Sketch

Lilacs Photo Reference                                                                Lilacs Sketch

Peaches Photo Reference                                                                Peaches Sketch

Market Square Sketch                                                                Market Square Photo Reference

Starry Night Sketch                                                                           Pumpkin Sketch

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