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Plein Air Classes may be mailed or charged online.
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3-Hour Watercolor Workshop Series                    All levels          Age 18+              
Get ready for a great time!

Join me for 1, 2, or all 3 workshops!

Chart showing various watercolor techniques. Each workshop will cover different applications.
Sample painting implementing various watercolor techniques.

In each 3-hour workshop learn and practice different basic techniques with special effects in watercolor and make unique discoveries in exciting ways to paint.                                                  

Dates: June 27, 2015 - Brush Strokes and Color Mixing
             July 18, 2015 - Spray Bottles and Sponges
             Aug. 15, 2015 - Masking Techniques

Time: 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Cost: $50.00 per workshop

Place: requisites gallery - Berkshire Shops 1296 S. Battlefield Blvd., Chesapeake, VA

Directions: (On S. Battlefield Blvd. cross over Hanbury Road, keep left on Business District, Rte 168; go over the hump, gallery is on the right at the Berkshire Shoppes.)

Contact Donna Wooten at requisites gallery at (757) 410-3010 for class registration. Link requisites gallery


Contact Donna at requisites gallery if interested in a class.        All levels       Age 18+

Drawing is the basic structure of art. This class awakens the right side of the brain, capturing realistic shape, form, and volume of an object using graphic and colored pencil techniques. Minimum number of students 5.

Dates: TBD

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm (noon)

Cost: TBA

Place: requisites gallery - Bershire Shops 1296 S. Battlefield Blvd., Chesapeake, VA

Contact Donna Wooten at requisites gallery at (757) 410-3010 for class registration. Link requisites gallery

All materials for classes are available for purchase at Everett’s Watercolors.

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Payment may be made by check or charge online.

Plein Air
Develop observation and art skills in painting outdoors.

Place: No classes are scheduled at this time. Check for future postings.    Chesapeake, VA                                               
Date & Time:                          
Age & Experience: 18+, All levels of experience                                                  
Contact: Everett at (757) 572-1934

Items suggested for Plein Air Painting:

Notebook and Pencil
Sun Hat
Water for drinking

Render natural objects with paper and pencil. Shade, contrast, and development of observation will be included.

See above for schedule at this time.
Masking Part One Masking Part Two Spray Bottle Demo Venice_Green_Doorway

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